• Black/Nude, matte look, soft textured fabric
• Adjustable hanger
• It is shaped according to the body by being wrapped with the front belts.
• Abdominal décolleté
• Removable push-up sponges
• 80% Polyamide 20% Lycra®
• The model in the picture is size 34, the size of the product she wears is size XS (34).

Product Care

To use your swimsuits longer;

• Apply sunscreen and sun oil before wearing your swimsuit, and put on your swimsuit after the product dries.

•Rinse with clean water after sea and pool.

• If the product has an accessory, dry the rinsed water over the accessory.

•Dry in shade instead of direct sunlight.

• Keep your swimsuit in a cloth bag separately from your other colored clothes.
•Avoid using detergent. Wash your swimsuits gently with white soap.